Anti-Insect Paints

Most insects, both flying and crawling, carry several allergens that cause reactions in the human body.  Some of these cause minor discomfort, while some can lead to harmful diseases.Most buildings in our country  are homes for a variety of insects like spiders, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants, termites, honey bees and numerous other flying and crawling insects.  These insects carry numerous allergens.The fast changing ecological system is posing more and more threats to human health and it is becoming necessary to fight the insects that move around us and damage our health.

     Anti-Insect paints have inert microscopic insecticide crystals embedded in the paint layer.  Insects that land on the painted surface get killed due to transmission of the insecticide into their nervous system through their legs. It have inert microscopic insecticide crystals embedded in the paint layer.  Insects that land on the painted surface get killed due to transmission of the insecticide into their nervous system through their legs.The active elements are maintained on the surface during polymerisation, which is the secret behind the long lasting efficacy of functional paints.


These paints are designed to work only on cold blooded creatures and hence are not harmful to human beings and pet animals. The paint does not release anything into the environment and works by contact, not through emanation of any smell or vapour. It is the only company in the world that has these unique eco-friendly paints with a proven performance of being effective and safe. These paints can be used as a top coat on existing paints too.

Insect paints are the only solution for eliminating all insects on a long term basis. These paints work for about four years. Apart from the emulsion and oil based varieties of paints, a transparent Anti Insect Varnish too is available in range of paints.  In addition to eliminating a wide variety of insects, this varnish protects the wood against termites and wood borers.


Microscopic Crystals propelled from the paint surface after drying

- NonToxic
- Odourless
- long lasting effect
- No need for multiple insecticides
- No release of hazardous toxic materials into the environment

Anti-Fungus Paints

Due to the moisture in the walls of buildings, fungus grows on the walls and spreads quite rapidly causing damage to the aesthetics as well as the buildings. The problem is more severe in coastal areas.Fungal presence damages the indoor air quality (IAQ). Some varieties of fungal spores escape HEPA filters too. Air conditioning ducts also are a source of spore transmission.There are different varieties of fungus that appear in different variants of colours and different speeds of spread. Fungus is capable of feeding on the paint layer itself.

Anti-Fungal Paints have a formula that makes the paint inedible to the fungus thus assuring protection of the paint as well as the substrate. These paints are self sterilizing unlike other types of coatings.It also has a disinfectant to eliminate the residual fungus that takes shelter in the porous surface of the walls and continues to breed.Indeed, the most scientific approach towards eliminating fungus.

Anti-Bacteria Paints


Anti-Bacterial Paints are unique paints that can eliminate most of the commonly found Bacteria and Fungus that spread in the buildings. Hospital Acquired Infections can be reduced greatly. The unique property of Anti Bacteria paint is that it works against both bacteria and fungus.  It is worthwhile noting that fungal infections are equally dangerous as bacterial infections, if not more.


Anti-Dust Mite

There are millions of dust mites in household dust, which provoke violent allergic reactions when they get in to the lungs. Dustmite is the biggest source of discomfort for Asthma patients.Anti-Dust mite paints are a great relief to asthma patients.The dust mites that land on the wall or ceiling painted with anti-dustmite are wiped off in minutes. The uniqueness of these Anti Dustmite paint is that it works against dustmites, fungus and insects.  This triple function of the paint makes it a great health paint.


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